Vanessa Arguir

“The openness and support of the teachers and all the students.  All the love and kindness. So much information and a very detailed teaching book.  I learned so much more about yoga.” 

“Teaching the children, watching others teach, having time to share and reflect really helps make it a part of you.  I learned about me and how I can be better at helping others.”

“I now have a strong foundation in child yoga and have gained a plethora of tools to utilize not only with children, but families.  I gained more insight on movement, body and mind of kids!”

“I am so thankful and grateful to have been apart of this program with Daya, Julian and Joyce.  You can see and feel the experience and dedication. All three brought their different skills to the class each and every day.  It’s been an honor to receive their wisdom and education.”

Mary Seney BucciComment