Housing at Bodhi Tree:

We highly recommend staying at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. The atmosphere will greatly enhance your yoga training experience.  Everything is taken care of so you can focus on your studies and support yourself through this time of transformation. Enjoy all the amenities that nurture the soul while you dive deep into your yogic inquiry.  Enjoy an afternoon swim in our salt water lap pool, stroll by the waterfalls on the way to your bunglow, soak up the lush landscape as you contemplate your teachings of the day.  Dine with your fellow students and nourish yourself with our amazing meals. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort will provide a restful home for you along your yoga journey and offer you the upmost comfort during your training.


Package rates for Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort Residents for Kids to Teens Yoga Teacher Training are available. Please contact Cory@bodhitreeyogaresort.com. 


Other Accommodations: These accommodations are located near the resort/training facility also offering discounts.