Come immerse yourself in a fun, playful learning environment with master educators in the field of children and children’s yoga.  You will develop the skills needed to work with kids of all ages through this comprehensive training. Through an interdisciplinary approach to yoga and learning, you will gain a balance of creativity and structure to become a skillful Kids to Teen yoga teacher.

Experiencing yourself through a personal exploration of your yoga practice, participating in mindfulness techniques, learning about child development in relationship to yoga and bringing in your own childhood experiences, will help you uncover the magic of being a kid and why you have chosen this path to work with children. You will develop through your creativity, practicing with other like-minded people, practice teaching and observing carefully crafted kids yoga classes the Kids to Teen Teacher that you already are!

Drawing from a diverse range of yogic philosophies and practices, you will be prepared to teach kids from Littles (2-4 years) to teens in a variety of settings, from studios to schools, sports teams to summer camps.

 Whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator, school support staff, school counselor, camp counselor, or a yoga teacher who is drawn to work with kids, this program will prepare you to share your yoga with the kids and teens in your life in a way that is unique to you.